Small clear rivers to take a bath


Vercheny is situated on the Drôme, a mountain river with bathing quality water, but in Vercheny the river bed is large and, in summer, there is often just enough water to wet your legs. You’ll find nice places for picnics and amusements with the pebbles.

The best swiming places are in the neck of the valley (Sainte-Croix, Espenel, Saillans…), and epecially in the wild Valley of the Roanne river, who join in the Drôme at Vercheny. Take the road to Saint Nazaire le Désert.

Sadly you’ll not be alone there on hot summery days… So, the easiest places to find somewhere to swim are obvioulsy where there are lots of cars. Try a little river-hike in the Roanne to find “your“ favorite swiming hole!


Public open air pools are in Die and Crest.
Indoor swimming pool in Livron