Who are we ?

A family estate since 3 generations

We have imagined Kalinka to develop and give a new live to this family estate. Continuing the work of the previous generations we have tried to create a place with confort, chosen decoration and quality equipements.

Why « Kalinka » ?

« Pépé Did » had a great affection for the trees he planted. In the memory of his Ukrainian homeland, there are around the house not only oaks, with the names of poets, but also this small shrub with red fruits ( “ordinary snowball bush”), tenderly called “Kalinka” in the famous russian folk song

« Pépé Did »

Jakiv Vozniak (1904 – 1984), farmer of the plain of Odessa (Ukraine) had to leave his homeland in the 1920s. As a tireless worker, he founded a new life in the french prealps. In 1951 he purchased the “old” house in Vercheny as part of the estate, on which he was employed as an administrator. His dream was to receive here many countrymen….

« Babka »

Natacha, the daughter of “Pepe Did”, a retired english teacher, lived a part of the year in the house

« Sandra & Paul »

Alexandra, his grand daughter lives in the town of Die (18 km from Vercheny). Very attached to her house, she planned the renovation and selected the decoration … and engaged her whole family in the construction. She takes care of the house and welcomes you. Paul, his husband, came from Germany and worked 20 years in the touristic development of the region. He is now a bus driver … and labourer in “Kalinka”.

Our ecological choices:

We have opted for an automatic wood heater which values the wood of the region. Our supplier is in a nearby village. The working room of the old house and the rooms of the 1st floor have an underfloor heating.

For the insolation we have essentially used ecological materials: cellulose, wood wool, lavender straw,… The last step of the expansion consisted in converting the hot water supply to solar energy.