Rental conditions

Some more details

Arrival and depature

On the day of your arrival we will welcome you (except other arrangements) from 5 pm. As we do not live on the spot we will ask you to give us a call in case of late arrival. The day of your departure, we would like to get the house back at 10 a.m. When the house is not rented immediately, you can by all means stay till 5 pm.

Number of persons

Normally the entire house (16 persons) is rented as a whole. For bigger groups, it is possible to put up tents in the garden. For more than 18 persons, the furniture and the material are no longer appropriated.

Contract, reservation ...

When you are ready to rent the holiday home (and we agree), we will send you by e-mail a contract for your period. This includes an option for you (normally 2 weeks) to have time to decide an send us back the signed contract with in it a mentioned payment (20% of the price).

Your stay is booked, when you’ve received the contract back with our signature


You are asked not to smoke in the house.


At home we also have pets, but not in the bedrooms, nor in the dining room. We are therefore asking you not to bring your pets to the holiday house.


At the moment we do not propose half and full board, but we know some caterers and « cooks at home », who can make you a proposition of spot service.

Asset and deposit

Formalities are necessary, but pleasant for erveryone, especially at your arrival. So we will take you around the house on the day you arrive and on the day you leave (even if we know, that you and us can’t check everything). Of course any eventual dammage is on your charge, but until now we have always found easy arrangements.


Our prices are calculated without cleaning costs during and after your stay. Either you clean your bathrooms and the kitchen (we feed products and material) after your stay or you book the cleaning charge of 90 €. Dishes and cookware have to be cleaned and put away in anyway.