Restaurants, catering

French "cuisine"


in Vercheny :
Down in « La plaine » on the main road you may find two restaurants
“Le Cézanne” and “Café de la Clairette”

near Saillans :
several restaurants, Pizzeria, Creperie..
our choices :
Le Rieussec (on the bypass road) : 04 75 42 59 02

in Die :
two proposals of restaurants in Die
Un Air de Famille (not easy to find, near the theater) 04 75 21 48 70

Chez Christine (beneath the cathedral)

There are certainly other good places… tell us, which one you enjoyed.

Treats for the pic-nic

Of course there is the Clairette, but you can also find excellent cheese (sheep, cow, goat), homemade sausages and poultry, honey, wine, walnut oil, good bread… The markets (sunday in Saillans, wednesday & saturday in Die) are the best place to find the producers. Otherwise we recommand you the organic cooperative “La Carline” in Die, with a lot of products of our “organic valley”.